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Profit Monster is the most complete F&I system available. Its user friendly windows dramatically reduce the amount of time your dealership needs to deliver your customers while boosting PROFITS. Our extensive system of checks prevents contract mistakes before you deliver your customer.


Profit Monster focuses your management team on Profit Maximization. Control your deals from the start. Customize Profit Monster to your own negotiating style. Negotiate on price, difference, or payment. Use the lease vs purchase split screen comparison to switch your customer and maximize Profit.


Profit Monster tracks your sales managers, finance managers, closers, aftermarket personnel, and sales personnel on a daily basis. Profit Monster tracks total gross profit, gross profit per unit, closing ratios, closing methods, and other vital statistics by employee. This tool has allowed many General Managers to boost their gross profits by $ 200 or more per vehicle sold !!!


Profit Monster has simplified windows to speed the processing of wholesale and dealer trade transactions. Avoid the confusion of mixing retail and wholesale transactions. Wholesale gain/loss can be tracked by sales manager and appraiser. Spot trends and quickly eliminate poor used vehicle valuation habits. Wholesale transactions can be commissioned and integrated into the sales payroll system.


Retail and Wholesale sales automatically create payroll transactions. Profit Monster allows your dealership to completely customize all aspects of sales payroll calculations. Profit Monster will create chargebacks for after the sale repairs. Commissions can be held for missing trade titles, cash down, etc. Each pay period payroll summary reports can be printed which show paid commissions and held commissions ( including reasons why the commissions are held ). Profit Monster also calculates monthly unit bonus payroll figures.


Track all of your prospects in Profit Monster. Profit Monster allows you to log all phone contacts, track closing ratios, print follow up letters, and convert prospects to sales customers. Profit Monster maximizes customer contact with the creation of custom letters for birthdays, contract expirations, vehicle maintenance schedules, and other events. Phone follow up and customer satisfaction contacts are easy to manage. Profit Monster allows you create custom mailers based on virtually any criteria. Follow up lists and data disks can be prepared for the sales force daily, weekly, or monthly.

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